Smart Comfort

The other side of comforte

The hability of an intelligent thermoregulation in clothing

A regular body temperature in the presence of more adverse external conditions is a goal for all of us, as well as the control of sweating.

Smart Comfort’s revolutionary dynamic thermo-regulation technology allows for effective response to low or high temperature conditions. It also reacts to sweating while keeping the body dry, cool and comfortable.

Innovative Smart Comfort technology works like a thermostat in clothing.
In the presence of high~temperatures causing transpiration, it releases moisture particles from the mesh and transfers excessive heat to the outside.
In case of body cooling, it allows the heat generated by the body to be preserved.

Technical features

  • Intelligent thermoregulation
  • Perfect breathability
  • Dynamic cooling
  • Comfort, freshness and optimization of body moisture
  • Cooling performance at 100% up to forty washes
  • Skin safety tested by the cosmetic industry standards and proven by independent entities
  • Applicable to any fiber type: natural, synthetic or blends

Technical features

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