Floral Essence

A touch of lust and elegance

An essence of sophistication and well-being that surrounds us

The Floral Essence treatment gives the knit a sophisticated fragrance marked by a floral freshness, with woody and spicy notes in a vanilla base.

Microencapsulated perfume is released daily through the movement, enriching textiles with a unique scent.

This treatment is defined as a well-being trend and gives the fabric a touch of sophistication.

Floral Essence is ideal for any type of clothing or bedding.

Technical features

  • Perfumed finishing with a vanilla base
  • Releases a sophisticated and fresh fragrance
  • Microencapsulated technology activated through movement
  • Performance for at least 10 washes (at 40º)
  • Suitable for any type of fibers: natural, synthetic or mixtures

Technical features