Easy Wear

Freedom of movement, the power of flexibility

Flexibility, comfort, beauty and durability – this is what we are looking for in sports and leisure clothing
Sport is essentially movement and the goal of Easy Wear is to transform the mesh into a second skin, giving it great strength and elasticity improving the performance of the user.

The design of this treatment, from silicones that bind to the structure of the fiber and the surface of the mesh, adds an enormous capacity of stretching, ensuring the return to the original shape of the mesh, without changing its structure, which makes this treatment suitable for clothing sports and leisure.

Technical features

  • Possibility of unlimited stretching
  • Sensation of freedom in movement
  • Softness to the touch
  • 20% increase in mesh elasticity
  • Effective durability
  • Applicable for any fiber type: natural, synthetic or blends

Technical features

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