Bugs Free

The shield to fight your day to day life

An excellent and powerful repellent against mosquito and other insects

As a repellent treatment, Bugs Free becomes very effective and important in preventing all diseases caused by insects, avoiding the discomfort of insect bites even when there’s no danger of contracting any disease.
This treatment transforms items in true skin shields.

The ability to repel insects safely by not killing them, but rather keeping them away, makes the Bugs Free treatment effective in preventing the most common diseases caused by mosquitoes, like malaria, dengue, zika virus, yellow fever, leishmaniosis and chikungunya fever.
Its use as an insect protector is highly recommended in day-to-day and professional outdoor clothing, mosquito nets and other articles with this type of requirement.

Technical features

  • Non-insecticidal, reduces the risk of insect bites
  • Biocompatible, safe and non-toxic
  • Safe for pregnant women and for children +6 months old
  • Safe for the skin
  • High resistance to washing (+ 100 washes)
  • Approved by the World Health Organization
  • Applicable to any fiber type: natural, synthetic or blends

Technical features