continuously improving environmental performance


Bloomati was created with a simple goal: offer more sustainable textile fabric options. For this to be possible, we implemented, according to our environmental policy, a range of measures from using recycled and sustainable fibers, to installing photovoltaic panels, a treating waste water, managing waste material and finally implementing certifications.



Our company is aware of the impact of its activities to the environment. For this reason, we have a social responsibility strategy aiming our workers, clients, providers and society in general, which compromises the organisation to continuously improve its environmental performance , and also proceed with the following principles in mind:

Promote actions and make decisions allowing the company to constantly reduce the ecological footprint;

Establish a set of measures guaranteeing a higher energetic efficiency;

Use equipments and particularly, the waste water treatment plant, fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements, and others assumed by the organisation.

Optimize its practices with the goal of reducing waste and preventing pollution;

Reinforce the recycling and waste reduction practices;


At Bloomati we present well-thought textile fabrics, made with sustainable and recycled fibers. From organic cotton, to lyocell, recycled polyester or bamboo, the range of options is wide and diverse.


At our company, we are committed to a seriously reduction of our waste materials. To make this possible, we reuse them for other purposes. Besides this, we urge our workers to separate all the garbage and waste materials, in order to create more environmental friendly working spaces.

Wastewater treatment plant

At our company, we have a wastewater treatment plant that works with a biological treatment by activated sludges. Currently, we are able to treat 110m3/hour of water. Besides treating our own effluents, we also treat domestic effluents of surrounding neighbourhood areas, which provide essential nutrients for the biological mass, positively affecting the performance of the activated sludges process.

Photovoltaic panels

An important step for us when it comes to becoming more energetically efficient is the use of photovoltaic panels. Our panels cover an area of 8000m2 (a number which will increase in the future) and have an installed potency of 550 KW.

We rely on the use of photovoltaic panels to produce energy for self-consumption. 25% of the energy utilised by our company is produced by the UPAC (production unit for self-consumption).



This brand is committed to be better and provide ethical options to our clients. For this reason, our certifications are very important to us and an aspect we track constantly, aiming to fulfill our responsibilities as a social and environmental friendly brand.