Sustainability And Innovation Are Our Main Goals

How it started

The Bloomati brand was established in 2017 through an internationalization project by Carvema Têxtil, Lda.

The brand was created to address an inherent need to differentiate our services by developing innovative and sustainable finishes combined with sustainable knitting fabrics.

Our mission

Bloomati aims to provide the international market with a diversification of not only new finishes, studied and developed to the utmost detail in order to achieve a high-quality standard but also with a collection of knitting fabrics produced with sustainable fibers.

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Our background

Carvema Têxtil is the backbone of this brand. This is a solid company in the Portuguese textile market founded in 1974. Expert in the dyeing and finishing process of fabrics, the company is home to 150 employees, with the real capacity to run 15 tonnes / day of finished fabric.

The company is extremely versatile in the treatment of the utmost diverse articles, offering a large variety of options, from traditional fibers such as cotton and polyester, to the most delicate ones such as polyamides, regenerated cellulose fibers and respective blends with elastane, among others, provided by the massive variety of dyeing and finishing machines.