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We are extremely versatile in the treatment of the utmost diverse articles, from traditional fibers such as cotton and polyester, to the most delicate ones such as polyamides, regenerated cellulose fibers and respective blends with elastane


Manufactoring Process

Our ecological approach is present throughout the entire manufacturing process, combining natural fibers with a full eco-friendly process of dyeing and finishing that originates in a totally sustainable product to minimize the environmental impact and help preserve the planet.

Raw Material

The use of natural, recycled and ecologically friendly materials is a primary goal at Bloomati, as we intend to follow a full ecological approach and always look for the best materials from the yarn to the products used in the finishing.

Research & Development

Specialized teams conduct thorough research on a daily basis so as to develop new finishes. Combining a careful product elaboration with a business strategy aimed at the international market, we achieve high-quality, sustainable finishes.

We created a strong, eco-friendly product, optimizing the use of organic and recycled fibers in order to design a product of excellence, fully sustainable, environment friendly and thus a reference in the international market.